Stop Militarizing the Border

Reform Needed, Not Fences and Drones



It is imperative that we engage in immigration reform in our nation. Too many wonderful human beings are living in the shadows yet contributing greatly to our society, economy and communities.

The approach must be balanced and fair.  The attorney in me recognizes that this is a country of laws and that there is a punitive action when those laws are broken.  There must be a punishment for entering the country illegally but it must be attached with a pathway to citizenship.

The pathway to citizenship must be predicated on the completion of the punishment.

That said, the pathway to citizenship should not and cannot be predicated on the militarization of our border.  I find it hypocritical and odd that many of those who want to build a fence, increase border patrol agents when we are not fully funding the ones we have and use drones to patrol the border have NEVER even been to the border.

I grew up on the border and I know the border—a fence and militarization is divisive and creates fear.  We need to build on our commonalities with our neighbors to the South, support their efforts to improve their infrastructure, assist them in reducing crime and bettering their schools so their people only want to come here to shop and visit.

A fence, drones and more border patrol agents will only waste taxpayer money while creating a barrier to international trade and shared economic and cultural growth.

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