Welcome to our MoeVela LLC inaugural monthly newsletter!


November 2012
Welcome to our MoeVela LLC inaugural monthly newsletter!

Early this summer, I made the exciting decision to launch my own business development and management consulting firm, MoeVela LLC.  In four short months, I am humbled and thrilled to report that it is growing exponentially. 

As many of you know, starting a new business is scary yet exciting, stressful and invigorating all at the same time.  I take this next step on my journey with humility and hopefulness.  After the privilege of serving in two White House Administrations, being a partner at a global law firm and starting my own businesses, I decided the best use of my diverse experience and expansive network is to help businesses to grow and create jobs.

It has already been immensely rewarding to CONNECT my clients to new opportunities, markets and strategic partners.  My client-partners range from small to large businesses some of whom are minority and women-owned and from all corners of the U.S.   I am inspired at the cross-section of industries they represent—-cutting-edge technology, innovative healthcare solutions, Hispanic sports marketing and social media strategies, safety training, environmentally-conscious recycling, software training and customized web, mobile and software b2b solutions (this month’s client profile below).

The breadth and reach of our services reach from shore to shore and border to border in the U.S. and we have affiliates in Brazil, Panama, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Qatar, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa and throughout Asia.

In addition to working with my business client-partners, MoeVela LLC will be working with the federal government and prime contractors to provide innovative and strategic management consulting services.  We further serve our business client-partners as a convening agent and their representative in seeking government contracting opportunities.

As you can imagine, this is a huge endeavor for me and I ask for each of your prayers, good and positive energy, REFERRALS and your utilization of my clients’ services.  If you or your business wants to learn more about any of my clients or you know of someone who could benefit from their services, please let me know.  As for referrals, I place my future in the hands of my friends, colleagues, family and contacts—I humbly ask that you consider me when owning or visiting with businesses that could benefit from my energetic and loyal service.



November Client Profile
When you visit our NEW website at www.moevela.com you will see a great example of one of the many talents of this month's client profile. 

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topLingo provides B2B solutions for website and web application development, e-commerce, database design, graphic design, and mobile apps for Android and iOS. Based out of Orange County California, the two principals each have over 12 years experience in their core competencies with a team of programmers, IT project managers and artists in their arsenal. topLingo has delivered over 400 projects since its inception in 2001 and has been a leader in web-based software applications for a plethora of industries nationwide for over a decade.
In this day and age, each and every organization and company has to have a cutting-edge technology strategy to achieve their objectives. topLingo is the right partner for you. 

Contact Brian Loper at Brian@moevela.com or reply to this email to find out more information.

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Check out our new website at www.moevela.com

Client Services

  • B2B software solutions
  • IT networking infrastructure
  • Medical compliance software
  • Hispaniic sports marketing
  • Hispanic social media
  • Safety training
  • Recycling
  • Oracle Unifier training and customization
  • Web and mobile entertainment platform


An integral part of our mission is to help Federal, State and Local governments, as well as, prime contractors, to fulfill their small business set aside requirements. 
By combining our unique experience and management expertise with our stable of talented, small, minority, veteran & women-owned business teaming partners, we give governmental entities and prime contractors the opportunity to benefit from the talents of small businesses.

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