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Founding Partner

Moe Vela has been at the epicenter, on the national and global stage, of where law, finance, politics, compliance, regulation, policy, and business intersect. Moe’s historic and diverse career, expertise, education, and experience make him contributory to corporate boards far beyond the limitations of a particular subject matter. Moe brings value, experience, and insight into literally every aspect of a corporate Board’s roles, duties, and responsibilities.

Moe had the privilege and honor of making American history as the first Hispanic American and LGBTQ-American to serve twice in the White House in senior executive roles. Vela served as the former CFO, Director of Management, and Senior Advisor on Latino and LGBT policy to Vice President Al Gore and Vice President Joe Biden. Moe had budget signature authority, oversight of government contracting, human resources management, and operations. Moe brings to any corporate Board a clear and in-depth understanding of effective management practices, operational efficiencies, and the effective stewardship of multiple millions of dollars, all under the highest scrutiny.

As an attorney and former partner at Holland Knight, and currently Of Counsel at Stein, Mitchell, Beato, and Missner, Vela brings a corporate Board his powerful insight and expertise in public policy, regulatory, federal, state, and local government contracting; as well as compliance and legal matters.

Moe’s executive management experience and leadership have also been on full display in the private sector—as the Senior Vice President at a national REIT, Executive Director of a national trade association, co-founder of a multifamily real estate development company, and the CEO and Founder of his own consulting firms. Every stop in the public or private sectors has sharpened Moe’s management prowess and in-depth understanding of what is required for a company or organization to be successful, compliant, profitable, and effective.

One of Moe’s latest entrepreneurial endeavors includes co-creating, co-producing, and co-starring in a reality TV show, Unicorn Hunters, viewed by millions around the globe. This ground-breaking show brings investment principles, awareness, and opportunities to the masses, allowing Moe to bring a corporate board the relationships and in-depth knowledge of strategic growth strategies, corporate governance, and global capital markets—from family offices and venture capital firms to private equity entities and investment banks, and from mergers and acquisitions to IPOs.

Moe has been instrumental in creating and launching Unicoin, an asset-backed cryptocurrency, and frequently advocates for the advantages and benefits of asset-backed over traditional cryptocurrency.  

Through Moe’s consulting firms, he often advises his clients on global multi-million-dollar commodity and real estate transactions. Companies with an international reach or growth strategy would benefit from Moe’s global business experience, keen understanding of multicultural and human dynamics, and insight into the power of strategic relationships.

Every company in the world needs Board members like Moe, who not only have the depth and experience on the legal, management, budget/finance, audit, operations, and regulatory and compliance fronts but who can also contribute to a company’s marketing, public relations, and communications initiatives. Moe has been featured, published, and quoted in over 700 media interviews on global television, radio, podcast, and print in the past four years. He is often a keynote speaker at national and international forums as he is recognized globally as a thought leader on topics ranging from start-up business strategies, capital markets, growth strategies, regulatory, political, and public policy challenges and constraints, and the future of blockchain and the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Moe has been named one of the “Top 100 Hispanics in America” by “Hispanic Business” magazine and was twice named as one of the “101 Most Influential Latinos” by “Latino Leaders” magazine, as well as one of Washington’s Top 300 Insiders by the “National Journal,” as well as, named to the Powermeter 100 – the Washington area’s most influential individuals for Hispanic communities by “El Tiempo Latino,” a Washington Post publication.

Vela currently sits on the Boards of several exciting and innovative young companies in their early stages of existence and growth. These current Board assignments have provided Moe with an invaluable and robust working knowledge of healthtech, fintech, renewable energy, blockchain/cryptocurrency, media/entertainment, and consumer-facing technologies.

Moe is on the board of CREEC, a disability justice legal non-profit, is a member of the State Bar of Texas, and volunteers throughout his community.

President Kennedy once said, “For of those to whom much is given, much is required.” Moe lives in profound gratitude for the fantastic opportunities and experiences that have been a part of his blessed journey. President Kennedy’s sentiment inspires Moe to continue his lifelong commitment to service by serving on more corporate boards where he can share his expertise and unique experiences in collaboration with his fellow board members and company senior management. If a company and its leaders have created products or services that will enhance, educate, and empower humanity, make the world safer and cleaner, and are passionate, visionary, ethical, inclusive, and resilient, then Moe is ready to serve and contribute.

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