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Our Commitment to You

Growth-oriented businesses and organizations understand the critical importance of relationships, improved efficiencies, and influence over results.   Choosing to outsource your business and organizational development efforts to the experts at The Vela Group, brings a force multiplier for growth, greater reach, valuable relationships, and improved organizational efficiencies at a fraction of the cost.

At The Vela Group, you will get a team of sourcing and strategy experts, organizational development advisors, relationship-builders, connectors, marketers, and effective communicators to generate leads, open doors for your business and improve efficiencies for your business.

When you hire The Vela Group, we will put our 20,000+ relationships and decades of experience to work for you.

Our relationships and network span the U.S. in addition to many countries around the world, and they include sectors from healthcare, energy, and entertainment to technology, manufacturing, and consumer-facing brands, as well as, non-profits and trade associations.

We work closely with our clients to develop their business and organizational development strategies.

We collaboratively develop a comprehensive plan based on their goals and our strengths. We then implement our proven methodologies and leverage our relationships and expertise to deliver new business development opportunities and/or improve an organization's efficiencies. 

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